Unboxing of the Free Amazon Baby Welcome Box – Values Included


Last post I showed you how to get a free Amazon Baby Welcome Box (not a Prime member? Get a free trial). My box took two days to ship, and here’s what I received:

1. Water Wipes, 10 count, $.50
These wipes are REALLY nice. They are chemical free and gentle.

2. Knotted Baby Hat, $11.99
This is a simple, cute hat. You could probably find plain hats cheaper, but it’s nice.

3. Aquaphor Advanced Sample, .03oz, $.10
This works well as a diaper cream, and the sample size is good to make sure that baby wont react to it before you purchase.

4. Noodle & Boo Lotion Sample, .05oz (?), $.10
This lotion lived up to it’s name of Super Soft Lotion. I used it for myself, oops!

5. Smarty Pants Prenatal Gummies, 2 count, $.30
These gummies have vitamin B in the form of methylfolate, which is great for moms that need this instead of folic acid. They taste good and are gluten and allergen free!

6. Vichy Skin Sleep Cream, 3ml, $2.10
This is a lovely night cream that is very moisturizing but not greasy.

7. Bai Cocofusion drink, 18 fl oz, $1.99
This light coconut flavored drink is quite a treat. It contains 70mg of caffine per bottle, which is well under the limit for pregnant mamas.

8. RXBAR Protein Bar, $3.33
Wellll, this didn’t taste that good, but it tasted (and is) healthy. I can appreciate that.

9. Disposable Breast Pads, 2 count, $.38
These are useful to keep on hand. These have a pleat in them, so they are adjustable to fit your body better.

10. Pampers Sensitive Wipes, 6 count, $.18
My baby was so sensitive, that even these didn’t work for her. However, wipes have a million uses for moms so I will definitely use them.

11. Pampers Newborn Diaper, 1 count, $.28
I am a big fan of the wetness indicator on these diapers.

12. Pampers Pouch, $1.00 (?)
A cute little pouch that you can throw in your diaper bag.

Also included were various coupons for the above products.


Overall, the value isn’t quite what Amazon advertises this box at ($35). However, I got this for free by making a registry so I am happy with it. There are some items that I will definitely use, and others that I was happy to try once but wouldn’t repurchase (the protein bar, ahem). I’ve seen lots of variations of this box, so you may get different items!

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