Best Regular Clothes For Nursing Moms


Do you really need a special wardrobe for nursing? No way! Check out these ideas for styles that are super easy to nurse in.  Best of all, you can wear them for years after since they are just normal clothes.

1.Basic Cami

This is a wardrobe staple for a nursing mama. No, you don’t need a special “nursing cami” just raid your wardrobe or buy some cheap basic ones. You will use these regularly, underneath your tops and sweaters. They are stretchy enough that you can simply pull the fabric down, no need for the hooks and clasps of specialty camis. $19.99 for a 4-pack

2. Cardigan

Any style cardigan over your cami makes for easy access and easy covering up! I love soft and comfortable sweaters. You can choose oversized ones when you are newly post-partum, and transition back to your normal wardrobe. Pictured above: $16.99 Criss Cross Cardigan (Made In USA), $19.99 Crew Neck Cardigan, and $64.95 Billabong Printed Sweater

3. Cowl neck shirt or sweater

These stretchy shirts with loose necklines are easy to pull down. The fabric doesn’t get stretched out, because it’s meant to stretch. $15.99 Soft Cowl Neck Stretch Blouse

4. Zip Up Hoodie

My personal favorite, and the ultimate comfort – a warm and cozy fleece hoodie. With your basic cami underneath, just zip down to feed. Available in over 30 colors, for $19.99 MBJ Premium Fleece Hoodie

5. Loose Scarf

Use a scarf in conjunction with your cami or other shirt for super discreet breastfeeding. Wear the scarf as normal, and when baby is ready to feed you can use it as a cover. $29 American Apparel Scarf

6. Wrap Dress

If you need something a little bit dressier, a wrap dress is an excellent choice because it allows easy access for feeding. $26.99 Print Wrap Dress

Anyone have any other suggestions? Happy nursing!

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